Dirk Kolberg

Dirk Kolberg

Naturopath and alternative practitioners in Goldacker Castle, born 19.03.1967

Many alternative practitioners have found their way to the profession via “detours”, including me. I spent my youth mainly in sports and music, playing trombone and church organ or competing in basketball and track and field at national and international competitions.

As a winner of various composition competitions, I then began to study trombone and composition after my civilian service in home care for the elderly and sick, in which I was already intensively occupied with the effect of vibration on organisms (humans and plants). Thus, at that time I was already producing compositions for the deaf. Parallel to my studies, my passion for sports led me to trapeze artistry and to two guest semesters at the Sports University in Bristol, England.

However, the effect of music (i.e. vibration) on the human body did not let me go. So I started to attend various trainings in the field of health and nutrition and searched for a solution to cure my own genetic rheumathoid arthritis. During this time I earned my money by creating music for industrial films, as well as medical film and multimedia productions. Another project led me to participate in the development of a therapy system.

From then on I changed completely to the health sector, trained about 800 doctors, alternative practitioners and therapists in the application of the developed therapy method and became a state-certified alternative practitioner.

Privately I was involved for a long time in rescue dog work and disaster control (@fire Internationaler Katastrophenschutz Deutschland e.V.), now I like to spend time with family and dogs in nature or relax by windsurfing.

With healthy greetings

Dirk Kolberg