Julia Holzhäuser

CEO Julia Holzhäuser

Occupational therapist and managing director of the specialist practice for naturopathy Meilenstein and the private practice for occupational therapy Meilenstein, born 07.06.1981.

After training as an occupational therapist in Dresden, my career paths led me to a unique position in East Frisia. There I became part of a complex, interdisciplinary medical system with 14 practices, clinic part and intensive care.

Over the course of 20 years, I have continued to expand and update the experience I gained in Ostfriesland in various specialties (neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics and psychiatry) with high-quality continuing education courses.

In my everyday practice, I quickly came to the realization that pure symptom treatment only achieves short-term success, but long-term improvement always requires the search for causes and the causes behind the causes. So I began to develop my own diagnosis and treatment system and to use it successfully.

Finally, also for personal reasons (food intolerances and allergies), I began to study nutritional sciences, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Traditional Indian Medicine (including Ayurveda), kinesiology and homeopathy.

During a seminar on micro-energy therapy (microcurrent) I got to know and appreciate Dirk Kolberg and his methods. In the following years a close cooperation developed, which finally led to the joint work in the Goldacker Castle.

In addition to my practice and family (with three children), my personal commitment to health, family and education is very important to me.

With best wishes for you and your family

Julia Holzhäuser