Naturopathy and alternative practitioners in danger?

The legislator is possibly planning a redesign of the Heilpraktikergesetz. This involves restrictions on the practice of the profession (e.g. in relation to invasive procedures) and there is even discussion of a possible abolition of the profession.

This would mean for you:

  • No more infusions, no more injections, no more blood draws, no more “exotic” lab values.
  • No complementary medicine such as fever therapy, electro-galvano therapy, oxyvenation, etc.
  • No advice on sensible cooperation between naturopathy and conventional medicine

We expect:

  • A massive restriction of your personal freedom of choice regarding medicine and health. A restriction of self-determination in health matters
  • A loss of experience and knowledge in the healing arts
  • A loss of freedom of therapy and diversity of methods in medicine
  • Individual naturopathic treatments could be lost

What can you do?

And/or write to:
Federal Ministry of Health
c/o Herrn Minister Jens Spahn
Friedrichstr. 108
10117 Berlin

Thank you very much
Dirk Kolberg

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