Scalar waves in medical practice – the explanation for bioenergetic healing?

Scalar waves are directional waves propagating in the direction of a field pointer (1) (longitudinal waves). They occur as electric and magnetic field phenomena and are contained in noise (a mixture of frequencies and wavelengths). They reach interaction with a receiver when the latter is in resonance (2). In the case of resonance (same clock frequency with opposite polarity), both sources attract each other, which can be explained and calculated by the change of the field (see Konstantin Meyl: Extended Field Equations). In the case of resonance, information is exchanged and energy is transferred, and this continues until equilibrium is established between the sources for both components.

Scalar waves in technology
Scalar waves were already discovered and technically used by Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) (3). In spectacular experiments he transmitted energy wirelessly, developed the one-wire transmission and drew energy from the field by creating resonance. This technique attracted worldwide interest in his time. His inventions took advantage of the fact that we on Earth live in a giant capacitor (4) that spans between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere (5). In the race for the experimental proof of the waves postulated and mathematically derived by Maxwell (6), he was defeated by Heinrich Hertz (7), the discoverer of the transverse wave components, although Lord Kelvin (8) as “referee” had convinced himself after a personal visit to Tesla in New York in 1896 that both wave components, namely the longitudinal and the transverse, exist. In the near field of a (radiating) antenna the former predominates, with the distance the ratio of both parts changes. A technical receiver antenna picks up the transversal part (Hertzian waves), while biological systems can only interact with the longitutinal part (scalar wave part) (see below).

Measuring scalar waves
Then as now, scalar waves could be measured qualitatively as well as quantitatively only indirectly, by the human being, who is sensitive and trained for it, serving as a biosensor and using a dowsing rod or a pendulum to find the sought-after part in the general noise. In the absence of technical measuring devices, it is common today to consider only the transverse wave components in Maxwell’s equations for the sake of simplicity. This agreement to simply neglect noise signals in the field equations due to the lack of measurement facilities has led high frequency engineers to believe that noise (9) is a meaningless marginal phenomenon and does not contain any relevant information. But this is a fatal fallacy!

Thoughts on “Free Energy
The term “Free Energy” refers to those forms of energy which are not marketed. To this belongs the energy production from the field, for example the neutrino field. Neutrinos (10) are a cosmic energy source, which propagate longitudinally as particle radiation similar to the sound wave. After the final consumption of all fossil fuels and also of all nuclear fuels of our planet (in estimated 30 – 40 years) the energy source neutrino power (11) should take a bedutende position.

The extension of the field equations
The today authoritative representative of the scalar wave theory Konstantin Meyl (12) has already created the basis for the theoretical integration and calculation of many physical phenomena postulated up to then via the vortex calculation in 1990. He extended Maxwell’s field equations and derived from them a formula which explains and allows to calculate the resonance phenomena described above as the basis of all natural and technical processes. This formula contains a term which describes the noise as a scalar wave phenomenon, and for pragmatic reasons (lack of measurement possibilities) was/is set to zero so far. This mathematical formula is universal, because it describes two control circuits, which interact and which prescribe the set values to each other, because they can communicate and synchronize. It describes the basic idea of the creation to keep everything in the unstable equilibrium.

Scalar waves in biology
Organismic communication takes place by resonance phenomena, i.e. by synchronization or desynchronization. Living cells are tiny dipoles, i.e. oscillating circuits, which perform an electromagnetic and at the same time a magnitude oscillation as long as they live. The oscillation characteristics give information about the construction, function and vitality of the cell. Living tissue is eager to synchronize because this is the most physiologically favorable state. Cell communication is by resonance, nerve conduction corresponds to Tesla single-wire transmission, i.e. information is transmitted wavelength-specifically via the dielectric of Ranvier’s lacing rings – a highly intelligent solution by Mother Nature (13). The modern scientific basis is chronobiology (14). It deals with biological rhythms that are determined by internal and external clocks. An internal clock generator is, for example, the sinus node (15) on the heart or other pacemaker cell structures. External natural clocks would be, for example, the day-night rhythm or earth oscillations on the one hand, or artificial technical signals, such as pacemakers or pulsed mobile phone radiation on the other hand.

Scalar waves in medicine
Scalar waves have been used for thousands of years in naturopathy and folk medicine. Representative for thousands and thousands of healers and doctors over the centuries is Paracelsus (16), who became famous for his extremely effective “magic healing rituals”, which today can all be explained by the use of scalar wave properties and energy transmission. The fact that we live in a huge condenser plays a decisive role in small disorders of well-being and pronounced diseases alike. In today’s world, energy and information medicine (17), among other approaches, represents this precious heritage by researching and working on it in order to harmonize the ancient wisdom and its healing possibilities with today’s scientific models and findings. Thus, scalar waves are used on the one hand to explain traditional healing methods, but also to use scalar systems to effectively send information and energy to cells of the body. We follow this second path in our practice. The patient sits in the energy field of the so-called TESLA therapy system and is sent scalar waves and individual information.

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